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Army Form C.2118
Unit: 52 (L) Reconnaissance Regiment
Month and Year: November 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J.B.A. Hankey, OBE
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
EVERSDIJK 1   Moving up to SOUTH BEVELAND to take over from 8th Recce. Under Command 52 Div from time of taking over.
GOES 2   RHQ and HQ Sqn not at GOES. 'C' Sqn at OOSTKERKE 2833 and taking over position on NORTH BEVELAND by ferrying across. This was practically completed by 2359hrs. 'B' Sqn HQ at BIEZELINGE. 'B' Sqn responsible for Lock Gates at 4128 and 4023 and also have OPs at 320339, 226327, 209265 and 194240. 'A' Sqn in reserve at WEMELDINGE 3930.
,, 3   No activity during night from either B or C Sqns. Active patrol by C Sqn on NORTH BEVELAND brought in 14 P.O.W. during day. Small craft with enemy aboard withdrawing from WEERE 1735 during darkness but unable to engage. Suggested to BURNFOR (Force which landed on S. BEVELAND under comd CRA 52 Div) that arty be used on VEERE Habour or aircraft. Nothing of importance from A Sqn during day. 'B' Sqn ordered to prepare to reinforce 'C' Sqn on N. BEVELAND by moving to OOSTKERKE, Regt having been ordered to move to that island less 'A' Sqn who had to take over responsibility of Lock Gates. This move will take approx three days to complete owing to having to wait for high tides and limited supply of ship transport.
,, 4   During night approx 10-15 small craft left VEERE but unable to be engaged by 'C' Sqn because (a) craft audible not visible (b) only A/Tk guns available. All reported to HQ BURNFOR. 'C' Sqn continued active patrolling of NORTH BEVELAND but nothing seen of enemy. 'B' Sqn moved up to reinforce 'C' Sqn.
OOSTKERKE 5   During night only one motor craft heard by 'C' Sqn. Nothing else during night. One ARC Section of 'A' Sqn ordered to stand by to advance over the causeway to WALCHEREN and exploit towards MIDDLEBURGH from NIEUWLAND but not used. Nothing happening in NORTH BEVELAND.
,, 6   No activity.
,, 7   Still no activity but 'B' Sqn rounded up 7 P.O.W. (2 Offrs 5 ORs), on NORTH BEVELAND, and 'A' Sqn picked up one P.O.W.
GOES 13   C' Sqn picked up 6 P.O.W.s who were trying to make their way back to SCHOUWEN island. RHQ moved back to GOES.
,, 15   Royal Netherland Recce Regt came under Comd Regt and proceeded to N. BEVELAND.
,, 17   A' Sqn ordered to proceed to BRUSSELLS under Command HQ Brussells Garrison, to disarm civilians if required.
,, 22   C' Sqn provided 4 men as crew of DUKW recce party which was reccing route from MIDDLEBURG Northwards. 1 man was killed and 1 injured when the DUKW struck a mine.
KORTGENE 25   During night about 0500hrs a party of Germans were landed by tug about 1 mile WESR of COLINSPLATTE. One troop of 'C' Sqn plus one troop of Dutch Recce contacted the enemy at the landing point and after a short engagement accounted for 1 enemy officer killed and 24 ORs captured. Own casualties 1 OR slightly wounded and 1 Dutch Officer killed. POW at interrogation said that their infm of our strength on N. BEVELAND was nil buth that the intention was to demolish one of the sea dykes and take back 1 British P.O.W. The method of being taken off the island was to fire one white flare at about 1800hrs and they would be picked up by tug. Accordingly 'C' Sqn fired white flare at that time but it was not untill about 2300hrs that tug was seen. The tug was decoyed fairly close to shore by light signals (got from the P.O.W.) but unfortunately could not get a shoot with A/Tk Guns. A small boat put off from the tug and when it was about 50yds off the shore the L.M.Gs and mortars opened on the tug which immediately made off being raked by fire from stem to stern and its captain fired distress signals. Of the two occupants of the small boat one was captured and one was drowned. Notes on Marine EINSATZ KOMP attached.
,, 26   Regt ordered to concentrate at BERGEN-OP-ZOOM at the following times, RHG, 'HQ' Sqn and 'B' Sqn to move on 27th, 'C' Sqn on 29th; ('A' Sqn still at BRUSSELLS but to join Regt at BERGEN OP ZOOM). Command of all troops on N. BEVELAND passed to 4 SS Bde at 2000hrs. Move Orders No 1 from 156 Bde and 52 Div.
,, 30   Move completed to BERGEN OP ZOOM (less 'A' Sqn still at BRUSSELLS). Warning order that Regt will take over area of MAAS from LITH-MAREN to bend in river at 630536 probably around 2nd Dec.
30   2 Officers and 10 ORs reinforcements received during month.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. For historical research, always check the originals.