Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence
Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Vol. 1.
and the Staff Manual respectively Title pages
will be prepared in manuscript.

Army Form C.2118
Unit: 15 Bridging Platoon R.E.
Month and Year: April 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. G. Sumner R.E.
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
ELY 1   Checking of loaded stores on vehicles. Intensive cleaning of Barracks.
2   Lt. Sumner proceeds to Pennerley Camp BEAULIEU. Unit prepares to move.
3   Unit move to Pennerley Camp. Stages at YATTENDON.
4   Lt. Summer proceeds back to ELY. Unit continues move to Penneley Camp arrives 1500 hrs.
BEAULIEU 5   Lt. Summer proceeds on leave. 10 3tonners proceed to ELY to collect stores.
6   1 set of class 40 80ft Bailey Bridge arrived BEAULIEU Rd Station for training purpose.
7   Checking of stores and G 1098. 10 3 tonners arrived from Ely with stores.
8   Checking and sorting of stores. Lorries return to Ely for stores.
9   Set of training Bailey issued to 295 Field Company R.E.
10   Checking of Bailey Bridge Equipment and sorting of stores.
11   Laying out of Bailey Bridge equipment and eracting tents.
12   Last convoy of stores from ELY.
BEAULIEU 13   Offloading and sorting of stores. Lt. G Gumner returns from leave.
14   No change.
15   5 3 tonners employed offloading stores from tracks at BEAULIEU Rd Station
16   10 3 tonners proceed to TUNBRIDGE WELLS for stores. 1 3 tonner collects Waterproofing Kit.
17   Sorting of stores
18   11 3 tonners report back to unit with stores.
19   Offloading stores from vehicles and trucks at BEAULIEU Rd Station
20   Sorting and checking of stores.
21   No change.
22   Lt. Sumner attemds C.R.E.'s conference on “Overlord”
23   Greasing and Maintenance of Bailey Bridge stores.
24   Drivers and sappers on operational driving instruction.
25   ditto
26   Drivers on M.T. Course of Waterproofing and reversing
BEAULIEU 26   Sappers checking, sorting, and maintaining stores.
27   Drivers and sappers on operational driving instruction.
28   No change.
29   5 3tonners proceed with stores to 295 Field Company R.E.
30   Maintenance of Bailey Bridge stores and vehicles. 1 3 tonner proceeds to ELY to collect Dummy Bailey Bridge stores. Unit played an A.A. Troop at football and lost 2 – 6.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. For historical research, always check the originals.