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Schneider, Christian

25 juni 1916
Duitse (1871-1918, Keizerrijk)


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Eerste Wereldoorlog (1914-1918)
Toegekend op:
1 oktober 1917

Postuum toegekend.
Ritterkreuz zum Militšr-Max-Joseph-Orden

War Diary vermeldingen

7 september 1944 WO 171/1304 - Hallamshire Battalion
In view of Capt. Somer's report, it was decided to make a further recce to ascertain if the Schneider Works 5526 was occupied by enemy and obtain infm regarding the minefd surrounding it. This patrol was commanded by Capt. Pearce. It located the enemy on the canal bank 200 yds East of the Scheider Works.

12 september 1944 WO 171/1304 - Hallamshire Battalion
'D' Coy now mopped up the area 5026 and at 1130 hrs the Bn had captured 112 PW. There was some opposition from South side of Canal and 'A' Coy were ordered to cross in boats at 517260. Meanwhile Cpl Ellis Pioneer Pl was able to remove the charges and disconnect the plunger in a nearby Pill Box and thus saved the Br at 503260 from being blown. This enabled 'C' Coy to cross into the docks area, but soon after large demolitions in the docks started taking place. The C.O. who had his Comd Post first over Br 503260 immediately ordered all tps back across Canal and clear of docks to avoid severe casualties. Lieut McNeile had been killed by a sniper in this area. By this time 1500 hrs approx 500 PW bad been captured by the Bn. The Bn was then ordered by the Brigadier to clear the docks on the South bank of the Canal to prevent further demolitions and stated that this was of such importance that casualties must be accepted. 'A' and 'B' Coys crossed in boats with orders to mop up areas 5225 5325 5425 down to and incl Schneider Works, while 'C' and 'D' Coys were to mop up Western end of docks incl the South mole. In order to avoid heavy cas one pl of 'C' Coy crossed the Br at 503260 with the Comd Post and a Tp of Div Recce which was seized upon as being sniper proof as it passed by. Only one man was wounded by snipers and as demolitions had stopped the remainder of 'C' and 'D' Coys were called fwd.


  • - Militaria, Heft 6, seite 219, 37. Jahrgang, November-Dezember 2014