Black Watch

Black Watch
Renouf, T.
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Heusden, 6 november 1944

On 6 November we were again on the move, this time to Heusden. The battalion suffered more heavy mortaring. Advancing through Heusden, we heard a tremendous explosion ahead of us and we soon came across the burned and bombed remains of what looked like a church. It turned out to be a municipal building. The SS had herded women and children into that building. Then they blew it up. The next building to be liberated was being held by men in the black uniform of the SS. As we closed in on them, the survivors emerged shouting, 'Nicht scheissen! Nicht scheissen!' and 'Kamerad, Kamerad!' I thought: Nicht scheissen my arse! I shot them without a second thought. Bron: Black Watch, Tom Renouf

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