Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence
Summaries are contained in F.S. Regs., Vol. 1.
and the Staff Manual respectively Title pages
will be prepared in manuscript.

Army Form C.2118
Unit: 2 Armd Grenadier Guards
Month and Year: December 1944 (Erase heading not required). Commanding Officer: Lt. Col. J.N.R. Moore
Place Date Hour Summary Reference
BLA 1   Bn still in the line in the area of GANGELT sp 1 Mot Gren Gds. No. 1 Sqn relieved No. 3 Sqn in GANGELT. No. 3 Sqn moved to SCHINVELD. Bn still under Comd 32 Gds Bde. Trg of spare crews continued. Investiture held by Field Marshal Sir Bernard L. Montgomery, K.C.B, D.S.O.
2-3   Nothing to report.
4   1 Mot Gren Gds relieved by 3 IG. Bn remained in sp.
5-6   Nothing to report.
7   GANGELT taken over by 7 Armd Div. 9 Dly relieved 3 IG. 5 Gds Armd Bde took over area KREUTZRATH BIRGDEN GITRATH. 1 Mot Gren Gds on Left, Corps Services Bn on Right. 2 Armd Gren Gds sp 1 Mot Gren Gds with 2 Sqn in STAHE, with 1 tp up. No. 3 Sqn moved to MINDERGANGELT. No. 1 Sqn remained a further night in GANGELT before being relieved by 5 DG. Bn came under Comd 5 Gds Armd Bde.
8   No. 1 Sqn relieved and returned to SCHINVELD.
9   Nothing to report.
10   Fwd Del Tks returned to Fwd Del Sqn on completion of Trg programme.
11   Fd firing range opened at BRUNSSUM. Browning only.
12   1 Mot Gren Gds relieved by 1 WG. No. 2 Sqn remained in sp.
13-14   Nothing to report.
15   Sqn change-over carried out without incident. No. 1 Sqn to MINDERGANGELT. No. 2 Sqn to SCHINVELD. No. 3 Sqn to STAHE.
16   Nothing to report.
17   Nothing to report from own sector. German counter attack began in LUXEMBURG MONSCHAU sector.
18   5 Gds Armd Bde took over the area WEHR, woods to the North, and GANGELT. Golden Gp Left. 3 IG Right in GANGELT, supported by a sqn of 2 Armd Gren Gds. No.1 Sqn came under Comd of 155 Inf Bde and were sp 4 Kosb. No. 2 Sqn remained in SCHINVELD.
19   No. 2 Sqn came under comd of 156 Inf Bds and moved to NIEDERHEIDE (North of GEILENKIRCHEN) in sp with two tps up.
20   Commitments taken over by 8 Armd Bde. Bn moved to new area. Wheels left at 1650 hrs via BERG BR and tracks at 1930 hrs via MAASTRICHT.
21   Bn arrived in new area after night move. Gds Armd Div in area of ST TROND TIRLEMONT covering from excl NAMUR to incl HUY against any German crossing of the R. MEUSE. 5 Gds Armd Bde in area SW of ST TROND. Gren Gp (1 Mot Gren Gds) in area of VELM GINGELOM KERCHOM on the rd from St TROND to HAMERT. ? [pencilled question mark]
22   Recce of likely area of op carried out.
23   Enemy parachutists dropped in area of St TROND. Four of these captured in DURAS (B Ech. Area)
24-26   Nothing to report.
27   Sqn trg started in surrounding countryside. 3 IG took over the def of the Brs over the R. MEUSE from incl HUY to incl VISE (excl LIEGE) 2 Armd Gren Bds and 2 Armd IG ready to move up in close sp.
28   Nothing to report.
29   3 IG relieved and returned to 5 Gds Armd Bde Gp. 5 Gds Armd Bds role became R Crossings excl HUY excl NAMUR incl ANDEGNE.
30   Nothing to report.
31   Nothing to report.

Disclaimer: This War Diary is based on its original, but typos might be corrected. For historical research, always check the originals.