The Bomber Command War Diaries

The Bomber Command War Diaries
An Operational Reference Book 1939 - 1945
Middlebrook, M. & Everitt, C.
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Midland Publishing
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This fantastic reference book was originally published in 1985 and is recognised today as an unrivalled detailed source of information on Bomber Command's war. With details of each operation laid out in diary form, it includes the target, the numbers and types of aircraft involved as well as the success of the operation and the aircraft lost. The book concludes with a statistical section on losses suffered by bomber Command and the operational successes of the individual units. Bomber Command War Diaries is a classic work of reference on World War 2. Every single operation which RAF Bomber Command mounted during the war throughout enemy Europe is listed, from the first day of the war to within a few hours from its end. This operational reference book will be invaluable work for all those interested in World War 2 as well as all those researching family history for their relatives who served with Bomber Command during the war.

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† 22 oktober 1943

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